Välkommen till Acquila´s hunddagis & hundhotell


Hunddagis is centrally located on Gärdet with good communications where we get access to lovely walking paths on Gärdet, Liljanskogen or along the Djurgårdskanalen to name just a few of the places we can walk to.

We offer 4 rooms where the dogs are divided into size and ranking.
All rooms are furnished with sofas to make it feel homely.
We also have a pink girl room for running bitches.

Out here on Stäket in Kungsängen we have nature around the corner with nice walking paths in the forest.
The dog hotel is located in close proximity to the dog daycare and if your dog is happy and wants to spend time with the other dogs during the day, there is an opportunity for that.
We also offer a VIP room for guests who stay for a while in a homely environment.

A day at the daycare 
07:00 Opening.
09: 30-11: 20 Walk 1
11: 30-12: 30 Rest break
12: 30-13: 00 Lunch
13: 00-15: 00 Walk 2
15: 00-18: 00 Afternoon break and some chewing gum
18:00 Closing

Prices The
dog daycare costs SEK 3,500 / month.
A night at the dog hotel costs SEK 450.

Find us
Ängskärsgatan 4
115 29 Stockholm

Almare-Stäkets allé 2
196 91 Kungsängen

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 07-18 (Mon-Fri)

Contact us 
Tel: 08-783 07 28 (have a phone symbol)
Mob: 0704 98 75 00 (have a phone symbol)
E-mail: info@hunddagis.nu (maybe an e-mail symbol)